Preserving Yarmouth Memories
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About this Project

The Preserving Yarmouth Memories website was developed with assistance from the New Horizons for Seniors Program of Nova Scotia. Western Counties Regional Library, Nova Scotia Community Access Program and the Yarmouth County Museum and Archives collaborated to collect, catalogue and digitize the photographs that are presented on this website. The images that appear on the Preserving Yarmouth Memories site were generously donated by members of the communities who participated by providing their photographs for scanning and preservation. The focus of the collection is life in Yarmouth Town and Municipality, 1890-1990, with images depicting people, homes, businesses, community events and more.

Use of Technology

The photographs that appear in The Collection are drawn directly from Western Counties Regional Library’s photos, stored on the Flickr website. Hundreds of photographs were posted to Flickr as a result of this project. We encourage everyone to link to our Flickr account from the Collection page and to share their memories of Yarmouth Town and Municipality. We look forward to seeing what visitors to the site may create.


Project Committee Members: Trudy Amirault, Gary Archibald, Erin Comeau, Ryan McKenzie, Jamie Serran, and Virginia Stoddard.

Project Workers: Farrah Collette, Erin Comeau, Jocelyn d'Entremont, Haley Hurlburt, Ryan McKenzie, Brian Nickerson, Jaime Spates and Nicole Spinney.

Preserving Yarmouth Memories Project Workers!

Left to right: Brian Nickerson, Erin Comeau, Ryan McKenzie, Nicole Spinney, Haley Hurlburt, Jocelyn d'Entremont, Jaime Spates

Absent: Farrah Collette

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