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Raynardton Community


Acadian familes from Tusket fled here for refuge and established a compact village after the deportation order in 1755. English settlement dates from 1828 when Job Reynard received a grant of land on the Tusket River in this area.


Picture of Raynardton
Alewives are caught in the river. Some lumbering. Some of the men did work as guides for hunting and fishing.

  • A post office opened in 1876 with D. Andrews, postmaster.
  • The name of the community is variously spelled as Raynardton and Reynardton.


  The early English settlers were Loyalists. They established homesteads around Lake Vaughan with the roads circling the lake on both sides. Lake Vaughan is a manmade lake, created by these first settlers. It is now a source of electricity for Nova Scotia Power.

  The Free Baptist Church was built in 1898. In 1906 the greater number of Baptist congregations in the province entered a union to form the United Baptists. Some, however, continued in the Free Baptist tradition and among these was Raynardton.

  Common names are, in addition to Raynard, Hatfield, Norton, Knowles, Andrews.

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