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South Ohio Community


About 1826


Lumbering; some gardening and trucking; manufacturing; saw mills


Picture of South Ohio
  • The first Baptist church was built in 1851 on the North Ohio Road. In 1887 another Baptist church was erected at the junction of the North Ohio Road and the Lake George Road.
  • A fire in 1903 destroyed the Champion Liniment Company building and three other stores.


  About 1826 the “Ohio Fever” raging in the United States caused brothers Nehemiah and Benjamin Churchill of Chebogue to move past the last settlements at the Ponds (now Lake Milo) and to call their new homesteads “Ohio”. About 1828 Joseph Alden Ellis taught school in the area. A new, larger schoolhouse was built in 1850. The first saw mill was built by Elias Trask on the Ohio mill stream.

  George and William Crosby, from the United States, introduced manufacturing in 1853 with a boot and shoe factory. In 1891, the woodworking factory was turning out rakes, clothes pins, hand sleds, broom handles, and wash boards.

  The first steam locomotive, “The Pioneer”, arrived in Yarmouth in 1874. Its first excursion was a “Maying party” that left town on May 10, 1875, and went as far as the Pitman Road, just above Ohio. The 12-car train carried 1,000 passengers and the Milton Brass Band.

  Common surnames include Moses, Churchill, Saunders, Butler. Also Durkee, Hardy, Allen, Crosby, Patten, Wyman, Cook, Trask, Fletcher, Cann, Porter, Whitehouse, Vickery.

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South Ohio


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