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Pleasasnt Valley Community


Approximately 1820s and 1830s


Lumbering; farming; fur farming


Picture of Pleasant Valley
  • The Temperance movement played a prominent role in the early life of the community. Around 1890 Andrew Durkee donated land for a Temperance Hall with the stipulation that no cards be played in the hall or dances be held there.
  • The Women’s Institute was formed in 1914.

  The first settlers came to Pleasant Valley from Yarmouth and Tusket. One of the earliest settlers was George Holley, a Scot who had served with the British Navy during the War of 1812. He was given a substantial Crown grant and travelled to his property by the Salmon River (now called the Annis River). Holley built a house facing the river and courted a Yarmouth girl who would not agree to marry him until there was an overland road to his farm. Nine years later, surveyors laid out road lines and she became his bride.

  In the 1840s school sessions were held in alternate years at Pleasant Valley and Deerfield. While reading, writing and arithmetic were important, considerable attention was given to teaching navigation to boys, while girls were taught the art of making clothes. Boys up to their early 20s would go to sea in the summer and school in the winter to prepare for navigation exams.

  A Baptist chapel was built in 1861 to serve a congregation organized in 1843.

  Common surnames found on a 1864 map include Hamilton, Goudey, Whitehouse, Killam, Haley, Porter, Durkee, Crosby, Roberts and King.

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Pleasant Valley


History of Deerfield and Pleasant Valley; John T. Mockett, comp. Women’s Institute of Nova Scotia, Deerfield and Pleasant Valley Branch, 1976.
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